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    Defense of agricultural production

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    Innovative technology

  • Escape

    Ultrasonic devices for removing ungulates

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    Respect for the environment

About us

Natech is an innovative start-up that meets today’s need to provide protection from ungulates by using technology based exclusively on the emission of powerful ultrasound.

The project

Natech's ultrasonic deterrent devices are an innovative solution that solves the tension between wild ungulates and human activity in an ecological way and in respect of the physiological and behavioural characteristics of the animals.

Escape products

Escape devices emit a series of pulses in the ultrasonic range of frequencies which wild boar, roe deer and fallow deer find highly annoying but which are inaudible to humans and other animals.

A new project for Natech

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Videos introducing the Escape devices at the Conference held in the Castello di Brolio on 15 December, 2016