ULTRADEFENDER is a project co-financed by POR FESR Tuscany 2014-2020

ULTRADEFENDER is the new ambitious project from Natech aimed at controlling and
monitoring the ungulates. The main goal is to prevent the wild fauna from going through the protected areas and to limit the damages to farms caused by ungulates.

Precision Facrming

Providing useful facilities to the so called Precision Farming sector through a series of devices IoT

Ungulate Classification

Ungulate classification employing machine learning techniques which are based on Fog Computing
and Cloud

SAT connection

The connectivity in rural areas will be possible by creating SAT connection systems, i.e.
LoRaWAN and 802.15.4


Advanced powerful Ultrasounds

Self-configuring modular devices thanks to powerful ultrasounds systems (Natech Ultrasounds)

Machine Learning

Decision making processes taken by the tools in a timely manner by implementing techniques such
as “machine learning” and “soft computing”


Real time animal classification through Machine Learning processes based on neural networks

Smart Networking

Connection functionality between the edge periferic processors and the gateway through Wireless
Networks and SAT networks

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